Summer Dresses for Every Occasion in 2019

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I know I’m not the only one who wants to buy all the dresses as soon as it’s warm enough to put away the boots! For me, a flowy, dainty dress is the epitome of summer. After a long and cold winter where I feel like I’m always bundled up in a million layers, it’s refreshing to be able to wear something more form-fitting and girly.

Here’s a few of my favorite dresses for all your summer occasions.

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1. Semi-Casual Wedding/Girls Night

A wrap style dress is defintely my favorite style, but anything with ruffles just screams mimosa! These fit perfectly for a semi-casual wedding, or night out with the girls.

Eliza J – Floral Print Wrap Chiffon Dress $148

Leith – Sleeveless Tiered Midi Dress $79

Eliza J – High/Low Halter Dress $138

ASTR The Label – Floral Ruched Front Maxi Dress $85

2. Date Night/Cocktails

Having a night out on the town? Cocktails with friends? These dresses are sure to amaze!

Bardot – Gemma Halter Lace Sheath Dress $119

Bardot – Camille Cocktail Dress $119

Leith – Lace Bodice Sheath Dress $59

Bardot – Rossa Frill Cocktail Dress

Lulus – Surplice Spaghetti Strap Cocktail Sheath

3. Formal Event/Wedding

Most people don’t have the opportunity to wear a gorgeous gown every day, so weddings and formal events are the best time to get out your fanciest pieces!

Alfred Sung – Satin Ballgown $242

Eliza J – One-Shoulder Ruffle Sheath Cocktail Dress

Dress The Population – Tiffany One-Shoulder Midi Dress $232

Lulus – Convertible Neckline Chiffon Gown $90

Lulus – Off the Shoulder Maxi Gown $106

4. Work

One of the things I love most about my job, is the freedom I have to dress however I wish. Given the choice, I prefer something relatively modest and chic. These dresses are my go-to for my summer work wardrobe

Eliza J – Floral Scuba Crepe Sheath Dress $128

Eliza J – Cap Sleeve Floral Print Sheath Dress $118

Harper Rose – Fit & Flare Dress $148

Eliza J – Floral Ruffle Detail Crêpe de Chine Fit & Flare Dress $138

Eliza J – Floral Print V-Neck Clip Dot Dress $158

Summer Party Must Haves

Almost every weekend in the summer, I have some friends and family over for a good old fashioned BBQ. It’s one of the things I look the most forward to when it starts to heat up. I’m one of those hosts who likes to ensure that everything is covered and that the party looks as stylish as possible. Gotta be ready for those ‘grams! 


1. Dishes

The best way to enjoy a summer party, is to eat outside in the sun! I want everyone to have a great time and not worry about breaking my dishes, so I always make sure to have some kind of melamine or plastic dishes on hand. My favourite is this set. They’re stylish, won’t break, and are suprising resilient! If doing dishes are not your thing, I love this rose gold set that comes with dinner plates, dessert plates, and utensils. While you can throw them out after the party, they’re also strong enough to be washed and re-used. For a more eco-friendly option, I love these palm leaf plates that also come with utensils. 




2. Lighting 

Once the sun goes down, the party doesn’t stop! I always have these outdoor string lights set up in my backyard because they’re so cute, even when I’m sitting outside alone! For a more themed style, these waterproof tiki torches would be your best bet. Like the string lights, they’re made for use outdoors and will last for many years to come!



3. Drinkware

Whether serving alchohol or not, cute drinkwear is a must! This glass drink despenser is perfect for everything from wine to just plain water. It’s super chic and the glass will help to keep your beverage choice nice and cold. For our wine lovers out there, these unbreakable wine glasses will help keep your party going, long after the sideways walking has begun. My favorite disposable option is these rose gold plastic cups that are super chic and match the plates and cutlery!




4. Games

Even if there’s no kids at your backyard party, everyone loves a good old fashioned backyard game! An addictive and fun game for kids and adult alike is Spikeball; a relatively new backyard game that will keep your blood pumping and your party going! Looking for something classic that everyone can play? Look no further than giant Jenga. There’s so many ways to customize this game beyond the basic rules and you can even turn it into a drinking game (if you’re of legal drinking age, of course)!



5. Music

What outdoor party is complete without some tunes? This portable outdoor speaker gets the job done! It comes in 3 colors and is currently on sale for $60. What a steal! for a mini version that’s half the price but still packs a punch check out this one! If you’re adventurous, you can deejay your own party with this turntable!




These are my essential, must have items! What are yours? 

When The Road Calls. . .

Save up to 50% during our Half-Yearly Sale! Now through June 2 at NORDSTROM.


I’ve always been a fan of the open road. Ever since I was old enough to drive, I craved the freedom to wander aimlessly wherever my heart took me.

I vividly remember the first road trip I ever planned and executed. It was a road trip to Niagara Falls with my boyfriend (now husband) and a friend of ours. We planned to stay at a hotel for one night. It was a bit of a big deal because not only was it our first real road trip together, it was our first time staying at a hotel all together. We planned this trip for more than a month and tried to be as prepared as possible. Our cooler was stocked with drinks and we had tons and tons of snacks and other “necessities”. The vehicle was packed to the brim!

Long before the days of Google Maps being easily accessible on our phones, I printed out the Map Quest directions and went on my way. We left at 4 o’clock in the morning for what we thought would be a 4 hour trip with traffic. It only took about an hour and a half LOL! Thankfully, the hotel let us into our room super early and we got to take a nice nap. Although that was definitely a trip to remember, it taught me a lot about road trips and planning.

Even though that trip was more than 10 years ago, my love for road trips has never wavered. I’ve taken at least 2 road trips a year every year since, and almost always include a road trip of some kind in every vacation. Along the journey, I’ve come up with some great tips I’d love to share with another road trip enthusiast!

This post is not sponsored however, may contain affiliate links.


No matter where your road trip is headed, snacks are a must! Long car rides can take a toll and sometimes boredom and hanger can create a tense situation. Since it’s usually a vacation, I take this time to indulge in some snacks that I don’t usually have on hand and these assorted snack boxes have really helped keep my energy up and prevent hanger from wreaking havoc. During the times when I’m trying to look my best, I turn to these healthy snack boxes for some guilt free snacking.



It’s no secret that I am a total water snob. It’s basically the only thing I drink and I enjoy staying hydrated. I guess you can say I go through water like… water? When I first started taking road trips, I used to bring cases of bottled water but now that I know better, I usually just bring this Hydro Flask water bottle which keeps my water at the temperature I want it at all day long. It’s also great to take to the gym! If the tap/filtered water where I’m going is good, I will just refill at my destination. Otherwise, I stick to these 1L Evian water bottles and put them in the Hydro Flask to keep the water chilled. Although it’s not the most environmentally sound thing to do, I always ensure that the bottles are recycled.

Pro tip: the water and ice cubes at Starbucks is always triple filtered, so ask them for a cup of water in a pinch. They usually will fill up your water bottle free of charge; especially if you wait in line and ask nicely!



Long drives have become increasing challenging following a car accident a while back. Thankfully, the accident did not happen during a road trip! Ever since then, I always make sure to have a pillow with me. It helps with lumbar support and quick snoozes. Even though I was the one in the car accident and the only one with back and neck pain, my travel mates always try to steal my pillow! Really, I can’t blame them. This pillow is awesome and a staple in all my road trips. If you don’t want to spend the money to buy a travel pillow, a thin bed pillow will do the job! I say thin so that you can fold it as needed.



No one wants to be that person at the side of the road with a flat tire or other issue. When you’re travelling long distances by car, anything can happen, so it’s best to be prepared. Even though I keep my vehicles very well maintained, I always make sure to have some kind of roadside assistance kit in my vehicle for every road trip. They come in handy when you least expect it, and I’ve even used my kit to help a fellow motorist stranded at the side of the road. Don’t wait until you need one before keeping one on hand! They never expire so it’s always a safe bet.



I know it seems obvious, but I’ve met people who drive without sunglasses and I cringe every time. Not only is is bad for your eyes, but it can cause wrinkles over time! For road trips and every other time when you’re outside for an extended period of time, it’s important to have sun protection for your eyes. At the advice of my optometrist, I’ve started wearing polarized sunglasses and never looked back! Since I wear them everyday and they’re prescription, I don’t mind spending more on my sunglasses. These Saint Laurent sunglasses are stylish and cover my face well. If you’re on more of a budget, these stylish polarized sunglasses will get the job done at a fraction of the price.

Saint Laurent Sunglasses41ec+XcpUvL._SL250_.jpg


No road trip would be complete without a good old fashioned road trip game. I spy and the licence plate game are two of my favourite to play; once we run out of songs to sing like idiots haha! A game that never stops being funny, no matter how old I get, is Mad Libs. There’s a ton of free apps on different platforms that you can play for free but I always like to pick up this $5 paperback Mad Libs so I can keep the pages as part of the memories. If Mad Libs isn’t your thing, this pack of other games is sure to entertain!


While these are my essential items for road trips, I usually have a few more tricks up my sleeve! What are your favourite road trip items? I’d love to know anything I may have missed!