Summer Party Must Haves

Almost every weekend in the summer, I have some friends and family over for a good old fashioned BBQ. It’s one of the things I look the most forward to when it starts to heat up. I’m one of those hosts who likes to ensure that everything is covered and that the party looks as stylish as possible. Gotta be ready for those ‘grams! 


1. Dishes

The best way to enjoy a summer party, is to eat outside in the sun! I want everyone to have a great time and not worry about breaking my dishes, so I always make sure to have some kind of melamine or plastic dishes on hand. My favourite is this set. They’re stylish, won’t break, and are suprising resilient! If doing dishes are not your thing, I love this rose gold set that comes with dinner plates, dessert plates, and utensils. While you can throw them out after the party, they’re also strong enough to be washed and re-used. For a more eco-friendly option, I love these palm leaf plates that also come with utensils. 




2. Lighting 

Once the sun goes down, the party doesn’t stop! I always have these outdoor string lights set up in my backyard because they’re so cute, even when I’m sitting outside alone! For a more themed style, these waterproof tiki torches would be your best bet. Like the string lights, they’re made for use outdoors and will last for many years to come!



3. Drinkware

Whether serving alchohol or not, cute drinkwear is a must! This glass drink despenser is perfect for everything from wine to just plain water. It’s super chic and the glass will help to keep your beverage choice nice and cold. For our wine lovers out there, these unbreakable wine glasses will help keep your party going, long after the sideways walking has begun. My favorite disposable option is these rose gold plastic cups that are super chic and match the plates and cutlery!




4. Games

Even if there’s no kids at your backyard party, everyone loves a good old fashioned backyard game! An addictive and fun game for kids and adult alike is Spikeball; a relatively new backyard game that will keep your blood pumping and your party going! Looking for something classic that everyone can play? Look no further than giant Jenga. There’s so many ways to customize this game beyond the basic rules and you can even turn it into a drinking game (if you’re of legal drinking age, of course)!



5. Music

What outdoor party is complete without some tunes? This portable outdoor speaker gets the job done! It comes in 3 colors and is currently on sale for $60. What a steal! for a mini version that’s half the price but still packs a punch check out this one! If you’re adventurous, you can deejay your own party with this turntable!




These are my essential, must have items! What are yours? 

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